5 Skinny Habits5 Skinny Habits is about making 1 simple change every week for 5 weeks, so you can lose weight, get healthy – and stay that way.

Diets are challenging. Many of them promote quick weight loss at first, and motivate you to keep going for a period of time. But the reality is that most diets fail after the first few months. It’s so hard to change because we’re creatures of habit. Habits require very little self-control because we do them automatically. They permeate almost every second of our existence. Sudden changes don’t take human nature into account. Self-control and willpower soon wane, and it’s not long before we’re back to where we started—our old comfortable habits—if we haven’t regressed even further. (Read more about habits)

5 Skinny Habits looks at changing your habits from the beginning, making it more flexible and manageable over the long-term. It’s a realistic approach designed to let you keep living your normal lifestyle while you gradually make changes for the better, at the right pace. Behavior modification principles are at the heart of the program.

5 Skinny Habits are built on the teachings of the world’s most famous ancient physicians, from Hippocrates to Maimonides, using methods that have been tried and tested for thousands of years.

David Zulberg, author of the best-selling Life Transforming Diet, has studied these teachings in the context of modern health and wellness for more than 12 years, blending proven techniques with the most current practices and principles of modern fitness and nutrition – to create a program – 5 Skinny habits – that can truly work in today’s world. Doctors, nutritionists, fitness specialists and scholars approve it.


5 Skinny Habits has you change just one habit each week for a total of five weeks, allowing you to steadily create new food and exercise patterns for healthy weight loss, and a healthy lifestyle.

It’s crucial to not jump stages in this program. The goal is to introduce one positive habit each week. In the first week, you will make only one change. In the second week, you will continue with your first change, then add one more – and so on. It is important to make only the one change every week, and keep the rest of your routine exactly the same. These are the steps to changing your habits for good.

You can easily remember the 5 Skinny Habits using the acronym L.O.V.E.S.

habit 1

Light Meal: Your first change is to replace just one meal a day with a lighter one – typically a fruit bowl, a salad, or other light options like cereal, eggs and toast. 

habit 2One CF Meal: “CF” stands for concentrated food – in addition to your Light meal, you’ll now replace your largest meal of the day with one that has only protein with vegetables. You can even have a glass of red wine with this one!

habit 3

V-Plus Meal: Make your remaining meal each day a “V-Plus” Meal – the V is for veggies! Eat as you normally would (protein and healthy grains/starches), but for seconds, it’s veggies only. 

habit 4Exercise: Studies show that exercise improves weight loss statistics and reduces body fat, not just weight. Exercise prevents disease and reduces stress levels. Simply add 10-20 minutes of cardio, just 3 times per week. 

habit 5Substitution: This week is all about snacks between meals, replacing your usual snacks with water, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, or fruit between meals


After the 5 weeks are up, a Maintenance plan helps keep you on track, adds more flexibility to your diet, gradually increases cardio and introduces basic strengthening exercises, Smart Exceptions, and includes tips on how to handle “excursions” or detours from your new habits

Diet Diary
A simple diet diary is utilized which should not take more than 2 minutes to complete daily.

After the 5 weeks, a more advanced exercise program is introduced and the progression is implemented at the right pace, based upon the most current fitness guidelines.

The Natural Appetite Control supplement should be taken daily. At any time, if you feel that familiar struggle that comes with sticking to a new routine, diet or general stress, you can add the Stress Relief supplement in the evening before bed >> Read More

Light Meal

Light Meal

CF Meal

CF Meal

CF Meal

V-Plus Meal

V-Plus Meal

Smart Exceptions


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